I LOVE to design "WOW" websites!

I will work with you to develop a high quality site that is eye-catching and beautifully crafted, but also easy for anyone to navigate. Whether you need flash animated graphics, an e-commerce shopping cart, or a less complex website, I am passionate about creating a site that will thrill you.

Custom Websites with Flash Movies or Flash Effects

Many of my custom website designs feature a flash movie with beautiful, relevant photos and a custom-written text message meant to appeal to visitors on an emotional as well as an intellectual level.  Or I can make you a site with a variety of photos and graphics that move into place with flash effects. Your site to be not only extremely appealing visually, but will also convey a clear and meaningful message about your products and/or services.  All additional pages are created to match the homepage colors and design.  They will have custom page headings which can also have flash effects on the titles.  And, of course, the website structure and page text are created to be easily navigated by search engines. 



Complex Animated Graphics & Effects with Custom Artwork

For these specialized sites, the homepage (and possibly one or more additional pages) is a "canvas" of unique custom artwork that comes to life through animated flash graphics and multiple visual and audio effects.  My complex animated artwork websites are entertainingly detailed and meticulously crafted by me to fit your particular business and to offer your visitors a very engaging, memorable experience.



Custom E-Commerce Website with Shopping Cart

These sites also have beautiful custom designs and flash effects, but in addition, feature full online shopping capabilities.  Rather than having ordinary generic-looking product and processing pages, the shopping cart is seamlessly integrated into your site.  All product pages, as well as cart and checkout functions, are displayed in the same page design and colors as the rest of the site.  I have designed e-commerce websites for one product as well as for several hundred. 



Basic Custom Site (no flash effects)

If you have a limited budget or simply have no need for extra bells or whistles, I can make you a semi-custom website.  Generally, the homepage will feature your logo and/or business information at the top with one photo, side links and brief text.  There will also be attractive colors, easy to navigate links, and as many pages as you need.  Optional details and features can be added as desired.  If you are interested in a site like this, please phone or email me so that I can see what your exact needs are and give you an exact quote.  



Interested?  Let's talk!  Call or email me ... 

Robin Castaldi



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Website design for small business:  Attention-grabbing websites that are stunning, professional and easy to navigate.  Stylish layouts, dazzling colors,
custom photography, creative flash effects and organized structure.  Located in Charlotte, North Carolina area, but serving clients all across the US.

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